Who We Are?

Recharged Lifestyle is an entity that avidly promotes holistic healthy living. We are a devoted team who understands that many people find it difficult to live healthy and we are here to help. We advocate for health and wellness through several ways to include a one stop shopping experience online where a variety of natural cruelty-free products are provided at affordable prices. Customers can trust our brand because we research and provide products that are safe
We are committed to providing you with the support that you need to live a healthier life by not just providing affordable healthy products but also important advice so that you and your families can be healthier today for a brighter tomorrow.
As a registered retailer, we empower people to live their best lives as we seek to help both the young and old share more memories together through better lifestyle choices.
Being healthy does not have to be costly and burdensome. We have the solution.

Why we are here ?

You will find cruelty-free products in our store because we fully understand that there is a growing need worldwide to get non-communicable diseases (N.C.Ds) such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer under control. As a matter of fact, it is for this very reason that Recharged Lifestyle was started. Many people have developed N.C.Ds and have died due to poor health choices and our goal is to help other individuals who have tried to live healthy and have become discouraged to get recharged and thereby reduce the likelihood of them contracting N.C.Ds and dying as a result.

Our Passion

We take healthy living & we make it E.A.S.Y (Effortless, Affordable, Sustainable…Yours).

Because it Matters. Healthy Living, the Affordable Way.

Jason Hoorvees

Creative Drector

Kreddy Hruger

Office Manager

Michael Syerm

Execution Coder

Hank Nguyen

UI, UX Designer

Our Achivements

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