Benefits of Rest and Relaxation

Welcome back family!  We are now at  rest. Our bodies need rest. We do ourselves great harm when we don’t get a good night’s rest and even find time to relax. There are many benefits of rest and relaxation. Our bodies need to recharge so that we can face what each day has to offer.



Resting involves sleep or even to take a mental or physical break from a stressful or physical environment. For some, the only possible way to get adequate rest is to go on vacation and unwind. It is recommended that we get at least 8 hours of rest each night so that our bodies may be able to function properly. Furthermore we can relax by using techniques such as visual imagery where we imagine a peaceful setting, positive thinking and personal motivation, taking deep breaths, slowly tensing and releasing muscles throughout the body, listening to uplifting music or watching inspirational movies. A good balance between relaxation techniques and rest is recommended. It is critical to make time for rest and relaxation. We would like to share 4 main benefits of rest and relaxation with you.


Benefits of Rest and Relaxation on the Mind

Research has shown that there are many benefits of rest and relaxation on the mind. Rest and relation improves concentration and cognitive function. With rest and relaxation we are able to focus better for longer. When we get adequate rest we also help the brain to process and remember information. Rest therefore provides a boost to short-term and long-term memory. Rest and relaxation not only affects memory but have a strong impact on our creativity and problem solving skills which are very important for us to function daily. Adequate rest and relaxation also goes a far way in preventing depression.

benefits of rest and relaxation

Benefits of Rest and Relaxation on the Heart

The benefits of rest and relaxation go beyond the mind. Our heart needs to recharge as well. When we get adequate rest and relaxation this helps our body to regulate blood pressure and puts less pressure on the heart. Due to this great benefit rest and relaxation reduces the risk of heart disease. Lets give our heart a boost by ensuring that we spend some time to relax each day and then designate the time in our daily planners to ensure that we get at least 8 hours of sleep daily, this increases to 9 hours for persons over 60 and 10 hours for children. When we receive less than 6 hours of sleep, especially 4 hours or less we increase the risk of high blood pressure which may cause heart disease if prolonged.


Benefits of Rest and Relaxation on Cell Repair

Our bodies need to recharge. Thankfully, you are at the right place. A personal recharge spot where we share vital ways that we can recharge along life’s journey. We continue on the benefits of rest and relaxation by looking at cell repair. When we get adequate rest we help our cells to repair, recharge and recover. This is crucial for our immune system. This is because when we sleep our immune cells are recharged and so they produce more antibodies in order for us to fight infections and bacteria that will make us ill. When we get less than 7 hours of sleep each night our cells are not able to recharge as effectively and our immune system in particular will not be able to produce as many antibodies, this makes us more than 2 times likely to catch a cold.

Recharge with More Rest

Rest is very important. It helps with concentration, memory and problem solving. Rest also helps to regulate blood pressure and helps our cells to repair and recover. Let’s recharge and get more rest each night. For more benefits of rest you can visit our portal for health club members.

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