Easy Ways to Exercise

Thank you for joining our health corner today. We have already looked at two nutritious gifts and the awesome benefits that they provide for our bodies; apples and lemons. Today we will move on to exercise. Exercise does not have to be hard. There are fun and easy ways to exercise.

Our bodies need exercise. Exercise not only strengthen our muscles and bones but it helps to reduce anxiety, stress and depression. Isn’t that great? When we exercise this makes our brain more sensitive to harmones that relieve feelings of depression. We also produce more endorphins when we exercise which produce favorable or positive feelings and also reduces the perception of pain. Exercise also reduces the risk of chronic diseases. But how can I exercise¬† the easy way? Now that we know just how important exercise is let’s get straight into the easy ways that we can exercise.

4 Easy Ways to Exercise

When in doubt consult your doctor before doing any form of exercise. If you have the green light you may proceed.


Let’s keep active. We can do this by playing our favourite song and jogging. If you are unable to jog up and down the staircase you may even jog on the spot for a pre-determined time or jog in your neighbourhood. Set your own pace and gradually improve your speed to something that you are comfortable with. If jogging is a bit advanced you may walk for a few minutes. Atleast 10 minutes is recommended for each activity but if you need to take a break or reduce your pace do what is best at your level until you are more advanced. You may ask, how does this even help to keep me fit? Well apart from strengthening your muscles and bones it improves your cardiovascular or heart health and helps you to maintain a healthy weight.

Using a Chair to Exercise

Another simple and fun exercise is chair sit ups. Find a comfortable area. Start playing some music and at certain intervals stand to your feet just a bit wider than your hips then sit back on the chair. As soon as you sit stand again. Try to atleast do 25 of these per day until you are more advanced and can do even more than 30. Another easy way to use your chair to exercise is by doing knee extensions. To do this you must sit up straight and your feet must be flat on the floor. Slowly lift your right foot toward the ceiling as far as you can then return to the original position. After atleast 7 times you may start with the left foot and repeat thereafter. Chair sit-ups and knee extensions are easy ways to exercise. Even though these are super easy ways to exercise it builds strength in your quadriceps. Try to do these forms of exercise atleast once per day. You can join with a family member or friend to make exercising even more fun. See who can do the most sit-ups. Lets be happy and healthy.

More Fun and Easy Ways to Exercise 

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Recharge with Exercise

Alot of us need to spend more time exercising. Our bodies need exercise. Once our doctors give us the green light we should be spending atleast 30 minutes a day to exercise. Since there are easy ways to exercise we can start right away. Lets recharge and keep fit.

There are some products that can give us the energy that we need to exercise. Some are shown below:

What are you waiting for? Get your exercise mat and join in with a family member. Let’s not get bored but let us be happy and healthy and engage in fun and easy ways to exercise.

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