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Along life’s journey it is important for us to be recharged in body, mind and soul. This helps us to be re-energized to face the test and trials in our world today. God knows the importance of being healthy and happy. He wishes above all things that we will prosper and be in health. 

Your health is your wealth. Your nutrition is very important. Your body needs essential nutrients in order to function properly. Today we will take a look at one very important fruit and the tremendous benefits that it brings to our body. Many people have heard the saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away.


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If you ever wondered why people say that its because of the countless benefits that apples provide.

First and foremost, apples contain calories, carbohydrates and fibre, vitamins C and K as well as potassium.

If you haven’t had an apple all week you need to get one soon or atleast some apple juice.


Apples Decrease Your Risk of Heart Disease

According to the Centre for Disease Control, heart disease is the leading cause of death for men, women, and people of most racial and ethnic groups in the United States. One person dies every 37 seconds from cardiovascular disease. Apples contain soluble fibre which help lower your blood cholesterol levels. They also contain polyphenols one of which is flavonoid epicatechin, which helps to lower blood pressure. Polyphenols are found in the peel and are good anti-oxidants. We need apples because the compounds that they contain help to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Apples Contribute to Weight Loss

They are less energy-dense but still deliver fibre. They are particularly filling due to this high fibre content that they have which provides a good support for weight loss. We need apples because they contain minerals that support weight loss.

Studies Reveal that Eating Apples Reduces the Risk of Type-2 Diabetes

This is particularly because the polyphenols in apples help prevent tissue damage to beta cells which are often damaged in people who have type -2 diabetes. Preventing this tissue damage will reduce you risk of contracting type-2 diabetes.

Apples have Elements that Help to Fight Against Asthma

On average more than 1000 persons die from asthma daily worldwide. Fortunately, apples help our bodies to fight against this serious condition. The anti-oxidant content in apples helps to prevent lungs from oxidative damage. Also the peel contains flavonoid quercetin which regulates the immune system and helps to reduce the inflammation of the lungs. We need apples to give our body the extra boost it needs to fight against asthma.

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Do you know someone with asthma? Share the news so they can know. Show them that you care.

The Juice from Apples Help the Brain

The juice from apples benefit the brain as it contains acetylcholine, which assist with memory for older-aged persons. With age, the acetylcholine levels of many people decline. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that is linked to memory. People with Alzheimer’s disease. are shown to have low levels of this compound. Older persons are encouraged to eat apples and drink apple juice because it helps to preserve memory. We need apples to improve memory.

Recharge with Apples

The benefits of apples are tremendous. They help reduce heart disease, assist with weight loss, and many other benefits that can be found in our FREE e-book or our portal for health club members. You simply cannot go a week without having one or even drinking some apple juice. We’ve made it easy for you. Select your option below to get your nutritious apple juice. This fruit has saved many lives. Our bodies need apples to function and stay strong. Don’t delay! Grab an apple today! Don’t have an apple? Try some apple juice.


Many times we know whats good for us but choose to eat or drink other things. Let’s be recharged in body, soul and mind. Let’s be encouraged to live a life that is happy and healthy and let us encourage our friends to do the same.

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