These terms and conditions represent the contract of sale which applies to all purchases made on the Company’s (Recharged Lifestyle’s) website. This contract is deemed to exist following receipt of payment from the buyer.


Payments must be received in full before goods are shipped. The final amount for payment is displayed on the checkout page. This payment may include delivery depending on the option selected by the buyer.


An order is accepted following receipt of payment and may be cancelled by you at any time once this notification is sent to us in writing. We reserve the right to cancel an order due to the delivery location, distance or due to insufficient stock. Where this occurs, you will receive notification via email and a refund will be processed,

Orders are based in two categories delivery and pickup.

Delivery orders are sent to the address and at the time selected by the buyer.

Pickup orders are to be collected at the company’s address at the time specified by the buyer.


If the items provided are unsatisfactory then the company shall not be held liable unless written notification is provided subject to the general terms of our refund policy.

Unless expressly stated by law, we shall not be held liable for any consequential loss that arises as a result but only the amount established in the contract for the price of the item. We shall also not be held liable for damage to goods or delay in delivery as a result of events that are outside of our control such as strikes, natural disasters, industrial disputes, fire or explosion, impassable roads or flood.

Rewards Program

The R. L Rewards program allows customers to earn points quicker than most reward programs. These points can be redeemed as coupons when the required amount of points is reached. For more information on our R.L rewards program please see our R.L Rewards page.